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Creating Realistic Fan Art Character with Frank Tzeng

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Creating Realistic Fan Art Character with Frank Tzeng

Frank Tzeng
11 ratings

PLEASE watch the introduction video before you get this tutorial:

In this tutorial, i will cover everything you need to know for sculpting a character in a dynamic pose from a sphere, including base anatomy shapes, secondary forms and surface details sculpting. Then using polypaint to do textures for skin and render in keyshot 5, finally using photoshop to composting the final images.

After this over 19 hours realtime sculpting, texturing and rendering tutorial, you will have the knowledge of how to create your own character from a sphere and finish it with a nice render for your portfolio.

Comes with:

 0-Cammy-Zsphere start sculpting              AVI file

 1-Cammy-base pose-sculpting                   AVI file

 2-Cammy-head base shape-sculpting        AVI file

 3-Cammy-body secondary form-sculpting  AVI file

 4-Cammy-base and detail cloth-sculpting   AVI file

 5-Cammy-head and body surface details sculpting.  AVI file

 6-Cammy-sculpted eyes and hat-sculpting. AVI file

 7-Cammy-skin color textures and final tweaks.  AVI file

 8-Cammy-keyshot 5 render.                         AVI file

 9-Cammy-final zbrush and keyshot render comp and PS.  AVI file

10-Cammy final renders images from keyshot and zbrush.          JPG file

11-Female anatomy refs              JPG file      


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